Jim Horan

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Jim Horan is Founder/President of The One Page Business Plan Company, an international consulting firm specializing in planning and performance management systems. He is the
author of "The One Page Business Plan"... the best selling business planning book on Amazon.com.

Senior executives, managers and business owners have been using this highly efficient and effective planning process since 1997. Over 50 universities teach this process in their undergraduate and graduate programs. Jim is a frequent speaker throughout Noth America and works 1:1 with Fortune 500 executives and their management teams.

Mr. Horan speaks to audiences all across the United States, helping business owners and CEOs systematically make their businesses more profitable. Jim has the unique ability to take complex business situations and make them simple.

Tom Peters, the author of Thriving on Chaos and In Search of Excellence, calls the One Page Business Plan an out and outwinner... Period! Peters has been quoted as saying "It makes great sense to me as a so-called ‘business thinker.’ The One Page Business Plan = the proverbial better mousetrap!"